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What is causing this boot up issue?

Have a Lenovo Ideapad 6-14IKB.   It was working well.   Then one day I tried to bootup and no splash screen, nothing.   Just a dim lit backlight.   After about 45 mins of being left on, a blue box saying "Default boot device missing or boot failed.  Insert recovery media or hit any key.   Then select "Boot Manager"  or select recovery media or any key".  So I hit any key the box goes away and the dimly lit backlight is there.   Until the blue box comes back in another 45 mins.   Any idea what is happening or what I can do to fix?

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I concur with that analysis, though the message should be coming up much quicker than 45 minutes.  Still, it depends on what boot options are set in the BIOS.

Extract the hard drive or SSD and reinstall it.  If this fails to solve the problem the drive has probably failed in such a way that it is no longer accessible from the SATA interface, and only a professional drive recovery company will be able to deal with it.

If you can get the system to boot, immediately do a full backup to an external USB drive as the problem is likely to recur.
i would connect the disk to another pc, and make an image first - then work on the image
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I should have mentioned it is an SSD.   It is an M2.  
I have already tiik it out and reset.   no difference.

I can change ssd, but why is Lenovo splash screen with option to get into bios coming up?   Almost as if board were bad...but what is causing the blue box saying it cannot boot to come up?   I cannot get to bios.
what is causing the blue box saying it cannot boot to come up?   >>  "Default boot device missing or boot failed.     <<  it TOLD you what is wrong !
disconnect the disk and check the if you can get into bios !
I did recently have an M.2 that magically was not found at boot or detected in BIOS.  I re-seated the SSD and everything worked great.  That being said, if you have done that...  The drive is most likely dead.  Pull the drive and get an adapter to plug that drive into a USB port for testing.  Be careful choosing the adapter to USB, as all M.2 drives are not the same (i.e. NVMe, SATA, and more).
If it takes that long to even display that error message, it could be something else wrong. Can you pull and reseat the RAM in it? I know some of those can be difficult to get into. Isn't that machine still under warranty?
William Fulks I did reseat RAM but no difference.