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Photo editor with dimension tool


Can you recommend a program/software, if possible free or even online tool/page, which is able to add on a photo with just few clicks dimension lines/annotation?

Preferably Microsoft Windows (7 or 10).

What I mean is to have for example 2 vertical lines and then another one in-between with arrows at the ends + a text showing the dimension in mm or cm or pixels above that line with arrows.

Usually that is done in CAD programs, but I search for a free or a simple cheap alternative only for photos.

Normally I do that easy in any photo editor or even in Microsoft Word, but are too many steps and I would like to make it faster.

An example is CorelDraw dimension tool, where I can import photos on background and then I can work with the dimension tool.

I am just wonder if there is any other simpler, cheaper, or free option to add the dimensions in few clicks on some photos.

I will write/edit/correct the value of the dimensions. It is not important what values writes the software automatically.

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Paul Sauvé
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GIMP has a Measure Tool, but gives the result in actual size...
here is the Help file page:

i knew these apps are available for phones
there seems to be none others around for windows....
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Is it any "portable" version which does not require installation under Windows?
How about an online tool?

And Gimp is not what I want, becasue it does not do what I need.
Gimp it measures on the picture.
I do not need that.
For example for horizontal, I need to have drawn the 2 vertical lines and an arrow with 2 heads in-between and to stay like that on the picture.
The same for vertical.
The CorelDraw YouTube shows exactly what I need: 
It places dimension on the picture and will stay there as a new layer.
I do not care about the dimension values, but the guidelines and arrows and text above/below the arrow is important.
i think you could ask here for someone to create a small program for that - i did somtime ago, for rastering a picture, and with good results    see :  Solved: display grid over jpg picture | Experts Exchange ( 
and Solved: grid tool for pictures | Experts Exchange ( 
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Paul Sauvé
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Paul Sauvé 
That looks like the tool that I need.
I did not buy it yet, neither tested it, but as it looks from description, it seems exactly what I need.
Thank you.
Actually I just found my desired software and is free: