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Is data on a Microsoft Network encrypted?

   My customer's insurance company is asking if the data on their network is encrypted. It is a Windows 2019 Standard server and Windows 10 Professional X64 workstations. Is it?

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I think their question is loaded.
It highly depends on the type of traffic. Some basic communication occurs with out encryption and other traffic such as domain replication etc is going to be encrypted.  
By default, files will not be encrypted.
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It is a crappie question. Phrased "Do we encrypt the data on our network?". They did not specify At Rest or Over The Wire. I would have to assume too that they mean files. So Windows has bitlocker. Does Server 2019 have anything?
>  So Windows has bitlocker. Does Server 2019 have anything?

BitLocker is supported on Windows Server 2019
Bitlocker will do nothing to prevent data exfiltration. It only encrypts data while the machine is powered off.