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Change the printer that Word uses for labels

How do you change the printer that Word uses for labels?  I tried to help a client with this (Word 2013) as well as checking on my Word 2019 (Mailings, Labels) and I don't find a place to select which printer to use.

I worked around the problem by setting the label printer as the Windows default, but that's not very practical.

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click on the File tab ―> click on Print ―> click on the little arrow on R_H_S ―> select the printer you want to use

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The issue the asker has is with labels. use the mailings menu item select label, and then the image I posted includes the option.
The user want to be able to click on print and the label comes through the label printer while when the user hits print on a document, they want that print to automatically go through a document printer without the need to make printer selection/choices.

At least, that is my read.
As my comment tried to illustrate, once the label is identified and the mode is selected, the new document creates a commensurate document that the user can use the steps in the example you posted.
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Thanks to all for your responses.

@arnold:  Your solution does appear to do what I want, but requires some extra clicks.  That is workable.

@nobus:  That's an interesting link that you provided (I'll likely make use of it elsewhere), but I don't think it will help here.  Unless I use the method arnold suggested (New Document), there is no document to associate with a printer.

@Paul:  As arnold suggested, my issue is strictly with printing labels, not an actual Word document.

I'm very surprised that Word doesn't have a simple option to select the printer when printing labels, but arnold's suggestion will let me work around that.