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Office Registration Fiasco

Back in 2013 I believe it was... Microsoft decided it would be a good idea to force users to register office with an email address and then have you login to that account and install office. They didn't think that one out too well. So a company buys a copy of office and registers it to Bob Murphy's email. Bob quits and they hire Sue and now have to remember that Sue's office is registered under Bob's email address. Yet aother well though out Microsoft idea.

   So I started one generic email address for each customer and registering all their copies of all Office under that one email address. Then started a spreadsheet on what product key I installed on what computer. That worked great until a couple of weeks ago when the boneheads at Microsoft decided not to use product keys and simply display the date you purchased the Office. I can't say enough bad about these idiots at Microsoft. 

   So now you have to record the date you purchased it and cannot purchase more than one copy on any given day. How are others coping with the stupidity from Microsoft?

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8/22/2022 - Mon

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Scott Fell

Which version of office are you using?  Are you distributing the family version to multiple people? or buying a single copy for each individual? or are you using M365 subscription?

Lee W, MVP

I'm sorry you purchase the wrong version of Office.

First, for the last few years, Microsoft wants you using Office 365, not buying office.  I'm not saying I agree with them, but that's what they want (at least how I interpret their actions).  They have very little incentive to make your life easier with purchased copies of office.

Second, Individual copies of Office Home and Business are, as I understand the product, intended for micro businesses - companies of 1-3 people (maybe 1-5).  Instead, you should be buying Volume Licenses (over the past few years).  Volume Licenses do not have these issues because the product is licensed differently, typically with ONE key for ALL your office installs (remember, KEYS are NOT Licenses!  They enable your license but are NOT licenses!)

Third, even volume licenses are going away by the end of the year. Now they want you to buy via CSP (Cloud Service Provider) programs.  It's like having them sold through Office365 channels with installation source and keys provided via the company's onmicrosoft account, but these too are perpetual licenses.

At one client that refused to do the right thing and buy volume, I created email alias for each copy of office utilizing the last 5 characters of the key - for example, office4RK9X@company.com.  But since I don't buy or recommend using the Home and Business product line, I don't know what, exactly, is going on with it.

And you're welcome to think whatever you want about Microsoft - obviously - YOU are not their target audience.  They make the VAST MAJORITY of their money selling to larger corporations.  It's been my experience and understanding that you (and I) don't really matter to them.  They aren't terribly concerned with your experience.

As for using alternative products like Open Office/Libre Office - They are perfectly functional products that most businesses probably SHOULD NOT use if they care how their documents look to the folks they work with.  For better or worse, Microsoft's documents, when opened in third party products can have slight differences that cause issues.  From complicated issues with Macros to basic issues like a document you just managed to tweak to fit on one page in Word that now opens in 2 pages in Libre Office.  Considering that APPEARANCE is an important factor to most businesses, compromising to save $300 when you have cynical people who judge you by your lack of attention to detail (the last word of a document on page 2), you don't want to risk a $10,000 or $100,000 deal because you wanted to avoid paying Microsoft $300 once or $12/month.

What you're doing right now, writing down, using one email address, etc, is indeed the way to go if you're a small business intending to keep the budget low.
While most ppl immediatly jump on you about MS365, they're missing the point that if you do this as a 10 year investment, you're using 1/3 of the budget if you go for Office H&B OEM, instead of MS365
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James Murphy

I wasn't going to say anything but you are right @Kimputer. Home and Business 2019 = $225. Standard 2019 = $425. I guess if price is no object and your customers have millions they don't know what to do with then fine :)
Lee W, MVP

Larger companies get many benefits from Volume and CSP licenses you don't get from standard licenses.

For example, you CANNOT install Home and Business on an RDS server.  You can with a volume license.  If you plan the network appropriately, RDS based networks can cost LESS than regular networks and enable smoother work from home.  Cost Savings!

Additionally, imaging rights require volume licenses.  If you have a larger business, the manpower involved in installing office and be excessive and a huge savings can be seen by using deployment technologies.

Additionally, you management costs should be less because everything is managed in a portal for in the same place.  

If you insist on measuring cost by simply the dollars you spend on the software license, then you do your customer/business a disservice.

Your are assuming everyone is using RDS or imaging. I don't think that is a correct assumption.
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Correct, I clearly said "is indeed the way to go if you're a small business intending to keep the budget low", no disservice to those customers who need only this. And that's besides the fact I DO offer them MS365, and explain the benefits. Still financially more sound for these smaller companies to invest 225 bucks for 10 years, instead of the 1000 bucks (MS365 sub for 10 years).
Scott Fell