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How to keep HP photosmart B210 to print immediately when connected via a USB printer cable.

HP  Photosmart Plus - B210 is wired via a USB print cable to a Windows 10 OS.  However, it does not appear to wakeup when left idle for some period of time and the print que begins to stack up.  

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Dr. Klahn

On the printer's properties pages, go to Advanced and select "Print directly to the printer."  This may improve the situation.

However, do realize that there are disadvantages to this.

1.  The program doing the printing cannot exit until printing is complete.  If Word is printing a 500 page document, it's going to be on the screen for a long, long time.
2.  The computer can't be turned off until printing is complete.

Can you check if this option is available? Setup > Preferences > Energy Save Mode > set to OFF (from the physical display/control)
Also check if there's a firmware update available.

I think we may have found the problem accidentally.  When switching where the printer cable and wireless mouse/keyboard transceiver were located in the USB ports, the mouse stopped working.  We then inserted the printer cable into a different USB port and all seems well.  I think we're dealing with a failing USB port since every once in a while, it would work.  If this is not the issue, I will be back to EE for more thinking on the issue.  Thanks for your help.  I will leave this open for a few days to be sure that the printer continues to print OK. 
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.
Robert Retzer

When you unplug a usb device drivers entries in the windows registry for this device are never removed. This is in case you want to replug back the same device into the same usb port. This is known as an unplugged device. These unplugged devices are still shown in the device manager but they are hidden.  Often there may be several devices that were once plugged into that specific usb port, and will have registry enteries associated with that usb port. To test this idea, if you plug in the printer into two different usb ports and you may see two entries of the same printer once windows installs drivers for that printer associated with the new port. When you plug a keyboard, into a new usb port you may feel that there is something wrong with either the port or the keyboard, but this is not the case if you wait long enough for windows to install drivers for the keyboard associated with the new usb port eventually the keyboard will work. Now you will have two usb ports associated with the keyboard and the keyboard should respond whether it is plugged into the new usb port or the original usb port. Since the registry stores info for unplugged devices, there could be many usb devices that are tied to that port, and it may seem like the usb port is not working or is slow responding, that is because there may be many devices tied to the particular port. You may think that the port is going bad but it may be because there are too many drivers associated with it.
One of the most handy tools I have used to clean up the registry driver entries is usboblivion, this is a must have tool in any techs tool box. It is a portable tool that launches from the exe file and does not install anything, it even creates a backup of the registry in case something goes wrong and you need to go back to the way it was before the application started.

So if you think you have a dying usb port try the usb cleaning tool and see if it was a software issue and not a hardware issue..
You can download the software from a safe site: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/usb_oblivion.html 

Wow....I never knew this and I am certainly not at your level of expertise but have thought of myself as reasonably knowledgeable.  Thanks much.  I'm going to download the app and try it.  Will get back to you. 

Once you run USBobvilion (all USB devices are removed first), do I need to reinstall drivers after the "cleaning" cycle or will the OS find the appropriate driver?
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Robert Retzer

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Thank you.  Still have not had a chance to try your technique.