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saving web browser control content as image javascript

Hi. I have a form (invoked within the ms/access web browser) that is invoking a url where run a javascript code that I prepare.

The arguments for invoking are prepared in my app and it runs OK. But now I need to save the image content of the page in a local file for further processing.

I know that I need to change the javascript code to automatically save the page as a image file and add, automatically, one additional argument that is the file name.

I need to, automatically (because we have many thousandths of images), generate picture files from the content of the web browser form (I am sending in 2 screenshots (for the access db and for the form).

Can anyone tell me what would be the code? Of course, I can share my source java code.

JavaScriptMicrosoft Access

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This is fairly trivial using a LAMP Stack.

If you get no comments related to doing this using Windows tech, consider switching to a LAMP Stack.
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What is a Lamp stack?
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In fact, what I think I need to do should be straightforward, but I am putting my question on the wrong way and I need to close it and reopen as another question. My page is written in javascript, so what I need is to know how to, in javascript, save the page content as a file.

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I am going to have to disagree with David here. It does not matter if you are using Windows or Linux.

I am not clear on what you are doing, but if you are presenting data to a web browser that gets puzzled together to make a page, you can use a library like https://html2canvas.hertzen.com/ to take a "screenshot" and save the image.

It also sounds like you may be doing something similar to how Google Earth works.  You may be able to take advantage of the api https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/maptypes

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I think I did not post my question in a proper manner. I am so sorry for that.
As per the screenshots you see, my software shows the image in a correct manner. But I have many thousands of images to generate at several distances. So I badly need a batch process  that generates the image (done) and then generates an image file containing the image.
This means that I should modify the current javascript code so, after "showing", it will "screenshot" the image to a file, something in the line of

Downloading and saving an HTML canvas as an image using Javascript (instructobit.com)
javascript - How to save the contents of a div as a image? - Stack Overflow

But as I am a real rookie on javascript, I do not really understand the code and so, I am begging help on this as I could destroy the web page and get to nowhere...

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are the images stored in Access? or is just the data stored in Access? or a combination that data is overlaid on an image you already have?

what will help is if you can detail you workflow so we can understand how this works.
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Oops... Sorry... Missed your reply!

The images are got from invoking BING MAPS from within MS/Access and seen using its web browser.

From access I generate a string that updates an "empty" page on my server site (the page contains only javascript code). After doing the string generation (actually a series of calls to javascript functions previously stored in the page) I run the page and get what I need

But now, I need to "screenshot" those images in batch....

If you want I may share the page code with you as well as the constructed string...

Hope this is good enough...

so, wrapping up:


1. the user clicks a MS/Access button
2. I Open a form that contains a web browser control
3. Upon loading I generate a string for showing a map using Bing Maps
4. I run the code in the page and it shows the image that you see above.

Novel function

1-. The user clicks a button
2. I go thru all coordinates
   2.1 open the form
   2.2 generate the string
   2.3 add to the string the "screenshot" functionality
   2.4 run the page and get the image on a folder

kindest regards

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