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Why does virtual server stop on it's own?

Have a Server that is running Server 2019.   Added to server has SQL server running running Hyper-V.  There is a virtual server running  a 3rd party software.   Also there is a virtual server called "test" server running on Hyper-V.  The Base server never "stops".  On Hyper-V, the "test" server never "stops".   Once you "connect" or "start" it, it runs until you "stop" it.   As for the third party software it stops about every 30 -45 mins and you have to "connect" or "start" it again.   Any idea how to keep the 3rd party software virtual server running until I click on "stop"? 

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Anything set in Power Management of this server when idle?
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Which server?   the one running Windows 2019 or the virtual server running the 3rd party software?
Hard disk - Turn off hard disk after (minutes):   55555     (I set it to this so it will not turn off)

Sleep - Allow Wake Timers:   Enable
I found out that my Activation on the Server 2019 is completed, but the Virtual Server says "Windows Server 2019 Standard Evaluation"  and it says it is not activated.    Why wouldn't it say the "SQL " license is not activated even though there is a full legal copy of SQL installed?
The error code I am getting is 0x004FC07
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How do I tell if it is on evaluation or not....and how can I activate it?    And is this for the SQL server?
(MAS)  This is the Activation page from Base Server and Virtual Server.

Philip Elder I will read your articles also.
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Nope. Two up from that setting please.
On the Hyper-V host in an elevated PowerShell please post the results of the following to a CODE snippet:

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Is there any antivirus client running on the host? There shouldn't be.