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How difficult is it to move a virtual machine from one drive to another?

I want to move production VMs after a full backup to another drive or another computer while making a new VM and then moving the data manually from the old VMs to the new VM.

How difficult is it to move VMs for an experienced newbie? The last time I tried, I screwed everything up.

Or do you just make a new VM on the production server and add them. The two VMS are currently WSE and RDS on Windows Server 2016 Standard. The clients remote to the RDS. I don't think I need two separate VMs for that, and would like to make one VM that houses everything such as AD, DC, DHCP and DNS as well as the databases and the files and other data.

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What host hypervisor is being used? 
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Windows Server 2019 Standard Hyper-V
You can easily clone the VM from one drive into another one, using the tool like Virtual-Box (from Oracle). Please note that, after having cloned the VM (that can be Windows server version for your case), you do need to register the Windows server key again, as the new VM does detect one change like the hard-disk and we have to re-enter Windows server key again.

Are you talking without shutting down the VM.
Look at the hyper-v option.
How big is the VM?

See if the following is helpful
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Sounds easy enough. Maybe I should make a test VM and practice a little before I try to move a production VM. Of course, I would make a backup first.