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Allow Windows Domain user to change Wifi settings?

Hi.  We have Active Directory / Windows Domain set up with a bunch of users.  The users "admin" rights are limited, so they can't install software and change system settings on their domain PC's.

One of those users needs to be able to frequently change his Wifi settings from DHCP to Static.   The policies at the domain level apparently are stopping him.   

Is there a way to allow this for a single user (or maybe a group) ?



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Please explain, wifi is the mode, the user even standard user can choose to connect to other wifi connection.
As you note, changing adapter settings does require a higher level of access.

Look at a group policy rights assignment on whether you can grant network adapter related changes.

Though it is not clear to what end the user needs to check/change to static over wifi.
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I did find the "network configuration operators" group and added him.  However, another IT guy had simoultaneously added the domain user (like "ourdomain\thisuser") to the local admins group, which fixed the issue for this one user.  Not my suggested solution, but here we are.
I tried a test of another domain user by including him in "network configuration operators" and that seemed to work too.