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will not start without power adaptor

Dell Precision 5520 Windows 10 Prof. will not boot without the power adaptor even when the battery is fully charged, I also replaced the battery and same thing. Once I powered up using the power adaptor I can unplug the power adaptor and run just fine off the battery. But if I restart the laptop it will not power up until I plug in the power adaptor

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Is the battery from the manufacturer of the laptop?
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new Battery is not

Does anything at all happen when you press the power button with just the battery attached (Flicker of an LED etc)?

Have you looked in the BIOS whether there are any settings there that could cause this?

Have you checked whether there is a BIOS upgrade available?
I checked the BIOS settings and cannot find any setting that would help
I updated to the latest BIOS upgrade
the power button acts like it is set to "Do nothing" if pressed when I do not have the power adaptor plugged int

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I just asked my Dell rep. to send me a replacement battery

Remove the battery, then power on the Laptop & shut it down again. Then reinstall the battery & check if it boots from it now.
try also this :
remove Ac adapter and battery
hold power button for 10 sec
now reconnect and test power up
Have you tried reseating the battery?

Some models of Dell(& HP) laptops look for a battery identifier at boot and will not boot if it is not recognised.

There could also be something off with the battery's output that the laptop doesn't like
>>  There could also be something off with the battery's output that the laptop doesn't like   << that would be eliminated with e new battery
Sounds like a battery output problem.  I agree with nobus, try a new battery.
yes, but he tried a 3rd party one...
Cheap batteries sometimes are more trouble than there worth.  Agree with nobus.
well it was not cheap, Dell was out of stock so instead of waiting I tried 3rd party, I was able to order from Dell now