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Problem restoring Hyper V Exchange VM to different Server

Hi, I'm running Exchange 2016 in a Hyper V environment.

It crashed on me, and I had to restore it to a different Host.

I use Storage Craft/Shadow Protect to back up and restore the VM.

I restored the two partitions, and it was booting, but is now stuck for the last 45 minutes on this screen:

When the restore was done, before I did the reboot, I went into the VM properties and changed it so that the restored partitions are C and D instead of C and E, I'm not sure if this is causing a problem.  Or else the Exchange Directory would be on the E drive instead of the D.  D was my virtual cd rom to start the restore:

Any help would be appreciated!

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Philip Elder

Bump the optical to SCSI ID 63.

Make sure OS is ID 0 and data is ID 1.

EDIT: Did you use the Hardware Independent Restore feature built-in to ShadowProtect?

You will need to reset the network setup to the previous IP/subnet in order to get things going along with the drive letters if they were not C: and D:.

Thanks! I did have the the Hardware Independent Restore setup, I'm just giving it more time.

First thing you have to do make sure IP address of Exchange server and DNS server IP on network card is correct.
If that is correct make sure your DC is functioning  properly.

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James Murphy

Not sure what you mean by "before I did the reboot, I went into the VM properties and changed it so that the restored partitions are C and D instead of C and E". How did you change drive letters without booting into Windows?

Are you sure the VM has network connectivity from this other host? (Meaning, are the virtual switches on each host configured exactly the same or, if different, did you confirm which switch to map the VMs network adapter to?). I'm wondering if the update screen is continuously trying to access the internet or an update server and it can't.

Does the network adapter require VLAN tagging on this host whereas maybe the other host did not?

I'd probably leave it on that screen and just let it run for an hour or so, and see if it eventually finishes whatever it's doing. From experience some of these Windows updates take forever, which is annoying because it doesn't give you any meaningful feedback.

Philip Elder

You can use a Windows installer .ISO to boot then CMD and DiskPart to flip the drive letters.

You would still be able to boot into Windows and flip the letters. The services that depend on the correct letter would obviously fail to start.

So, once up change the drive letter and set up the networking on the vNIC and you should be good to go after another reboot.

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