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Issues started with AD and O365 passwords not syncing

We are having issues all of a sudden with our users account not seeming to sync with AD and O365

It seems like their passwords are not syncing up with O365 and AD.

What can I look at to get this resolved asap because they started changing their passwords on Wed because the 90 day password policy kicked in but as I said their not syncing up at all it seems.


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So it seems like there is some kind of AD issue going on the server 2019 because they company that host the O365 says that it is not syncing.
Any thoughts on what to do for the 2019 server for AD
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Some more info is that the users connect via rdp to an rds session.
So when they change their password via the rds session, it does not seem to replicate to O365 email or some other apps when it used to work just fine.
Now if I login as them on say the DC and change their password for them, they can login but still does not seem to replicate anywhere.
So possible issue with AD on the DC's?
Cant seem to find the problem. Was wondering if maybe have to reinstall AD or soemthing?
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Are you using Azure AD Connect ?
is it password replication within DC get delay?
that usually the common issue especially you have multiple DCs and the DCs in RDP is not the same with AADconnect's DC

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Well I don't think we have Azure AD connect but how can I verify that not to sound stupid? lol
Also their passwords just don't seem to sync up with o365 or apps once they are changed when their logged into the rds session.
See their 2 DCs are on their location and no others,  but their O365 is hosted by another company which we dont have access to.
So that is why I am not sure if they are using Azure but how can I check for that?
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