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Installing MS Office 2019 standard in bulk

Installing MS Office 2019 standard in bulk

I have 40 new endpoints, on which I will be freshly installing Windows 10 home. I need a way to install MS Office 2019 using a MAK key, silently, preferably just after windows installation.

I have read the documentation and as far as I can see, the process in general is
1 Generate an XML file (straightforward)
2 Download Office using ODT (office deployment tool) and the XML file
3 Install Office using ODT and the same XML file

What I’m wondering is, can I just re-use whatever is downloaded at step 2 for all subsequent installs on other laptops, or are the installation files downloaded somehow specific to the original computer?

if so, I can just copy to the other PCs (or a USB key) the downloaded files from step 2, together with my XML and then install on the othe PCs. Will this work?

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HOME version of system? it is a manual process. unless you can as an OEM use a deployment image of OS that has the click once option deployed.

If you have a Volume License to deploy. look at macrium or other imaging tech
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@Kimputer - Thanks for that. So if I'm understanding you correctly, I should be able to prepare the installation once, then copy those files somewhere with my config.xml (to USB/NAS/local disk and then do the actual install with a batch file (setup.exe /configure config.xml). It should be relatively painless in that case.

@Arnold - Windows is 'home' version, yes. But I've a VLK for the MS Office.  

To deploy an image that includes office as an include application, you need both.
You can not image os ..
kimputer's suggestion using a USB going from system to system. Hat is the nature of the systems?

No easy ....

I.e. Workgroup share and use that to install from each over the network.
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@mark correct, it's easy enough indeed. @arnold suggested to use the network for a more easy deployment, but I already suggested that in my first reply.
40 endpoints, not on a domain? Why are you doing that to yourself?