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How to move 0365 data from one account to another?

I have a parent company Alpha that bought several smaller companies for example SMB1, SMB2 and SMB3. Alpha filed Bankruptcy and several of the companies under Alpha such as SMB2 and SMB3 were bought out by other companies. 

Now SMB2 has asked us to copy their O365 to another Hosting because SMB2.mycompany.com is UNDER Alpha.onmicrosoft.com. So, I tried to log into Intermedia and get them to assume SMB2.mycompany.com into it's own O365 account. They said that I needed admin rights and when I asked Alpha.onmicrosoft.com they said no. I would have to figure out some other way to copy the Documents, OneDrive etc all out to another O365. 

Any idea how in the world I am supposed to copy all of the users and their Data out of this O365 if I don't have the parent company? Alpha says that the user I am working with has admin rights to SMB2. However they don't have their own onmicrosoft.com account that I can find and when I login to Office on a PC, I can't see the other users or the 1TB of data they are supposed to have.

Thanks in advance. ..

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Scott Fell

If SMB already has an Microsoft365 account, you are better off just taking it over. If it his managed directly through Microsoft instead of a partner like Intermedia, I think you are better off.

Otherwise, you have to move email and there is migration for that. But for moving OneDrive/Sharepoint, you have to do that manually. There are third party services and I have tried them as well as just pointing the local OneDrive to the new service and letting it sync and found that worked just as well as the third party service.

In short, just take over the account and make sure it is not managed by somebody else. 

@Scott Fell, yea that's the problem. The SMB account is under the Alpha Account that belongs to a much bigger company that owned SMB. They aren't allowing us to take over SMB. They won't allow us to assume the account. the Alpha account has several businesses under it like SMB. Alpha is undergoing a Bankruptcy and all companies under it are trying to find new homes and trying to take their data and email with them. Sharepoint, OneDrive, Office etc. So I'm trying to figure out how to get access to that Data and migrate it while keeping the company working and to ensure they don't lose anything. AND...I have just a few days to get it done.

How many users are there? If it's doable over a few days, I'd create a new tenant (a new 'onmicrosoft.com' account, you can't reuse SMB2 but you can just call it SMB2a or whatever). Then start migrating the users, their email and their data - either manually or using third party tools such as BitTitan.

An equally important concern is the make 100% sure you have ownership of SMB2's DNS and domain name.

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William Peck
Scott Fell

Exactly above!

I do suggest going directly through Microsoft though. The reason is your customer service/support is through MS and will be much better. There are some questions here on EE where people were with Godaddy or Intermedia and moved to Microsoft because of the support.

With limited time, you want to set up your new account and start migrating.  To move email, use the migration tool in the admin panel.

To move onedrive/sharepoint, you could sync everything down to one machine (not a server though) if that is not done so already then disconnect the account locally and add the new account and start the sync up.  Of course if you have a a terabyte of data and everything is in the cloud, this is going to take a long time and may not be the best route. Instead sign up with a third party cloud migration service. If you do have that much data, it is going to take two to three days to fully migrate cloud to cloud.


Other than Bit-Titan who is good to use to help in migrating data?

Also, I am worried about going to Microsoft directly as my experience the support has been slow and hard to understand. Is there anyone other than Microsoft and Intermedia that has good support and a solid product with options and a great price?

Scott Fell

My own experience with Microsoft has been very positive. Every time I need help, even with something complex, the person that answers has typically been very good, even to the point of when the issue is mixed in with Windows, going out of scope and assisting with that too.

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codetwo.com is another popular migration service.

As for your 365 provider - I have used Intermedia for about 5 years now and am quite happy with them. For my latest deployment I went directly with Microsoft and have been equally as happy.  

I could be wrong but I don't think you get pricing discounts with Microsoft 365 - the price is the price no matter who you go with. Third parties such as Intermedia, etc might (?) offer some value added services or bundle discounts.

Can't think of or recommend any other companies.

If I want to download the entire Sharepoint.com site how do I do that. The General folder is over 700gig. I clicked on General and then hit the check mark next to name and hit download up top. It started putting everything in a zip folder that died after about 6gig. I couldn't open it at all. How do I get it to sync all that data down to a local drive of some kind?



Check out https://sharegate.com/
Never used it myself but they have a tool for SharePoint migration. I'm thinking this is your best bet. With on-prem SharePoint there is/was an option to export. But I don't see that on SharePoint online.
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William Peck
Scott Fell

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Aren't you ultimately looking to move it to another 365 tenant? If so why not set up that second 365 account then let Sharegate sync the data over? I recommend contacting Sharegate and let them walk you through it. I believe they even have a free trial. Or to do this without third party then Scott's method sounds like it should also work.

This was an absolute nightmare of a job. Ultimately I used a workstation to login and download the Sharepoint data to get it out of the cloud. Then I logged into other PC's with admin rights and downloaded the OneDrive Data as the other individuals and to sync email. Then exported email to PST's. Then created a new O365 and uploaded everything to that. I couldn't use BitTitan or Starshare or anything else on the other PC's because I didn't have admin rights. I had to work with Intermedia and the people holding the DNS now to get the records moved etc.

Thanks for everyone's help,