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Windows 11: When and if I should install it.

I generally wait at least 6 months before installing a new operating system on my own or my client's computers. My clients are mostly older individuals who have difficulties with new interfaces. Will we be able to keep using Win10 for the indefinite future? Are there any important reasons, especially security, why I should install Windows 11 on my computer? 



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You won't be able to use Windoze 10 for the indefinite Future, although originaly M$ said there would never be another M$ PC OS after Windoze 10!!!

Support will end in October 2025, so by then you will either have to upgrade to Windoze 11, provided the Hardware supports it (but only newer Hardware supports Windoze 11, so you may also be forced to buy new PC's)!

If your Hardware doesn't support Windoze 11, you can of course always install a Linux Distro on it. That will continue to run reliably & you can get it upgraded. Many Distro's come with Windoze 10 similar UI's, & they are just as easy to use...

Personally I would install Windoze 11, either as a 2nd OS or as a VM, if you support others you need it to get the feel of it. But I wouldn't use it as the main OS.
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For me, windows 11 is lighter and  neat view . on security wise, nothing much until windows 10support expires.
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I have a gut feeling that Windows 11 will be a major Microsoft disaster but they'll work it out eventually. I've got two new PCs I've been trying to set up for customers, one a Lenovo Idea Pad 3 and the second a Dell Latitude 9420 laptop. Each has a problem that I believe is related to Intel TPM, Intel VMD controller and Intel RST drivers. If they are any indication of what's coming up, we're in trouble.
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Every other Version of Windows Sucks.
Win 11 = TBD but based on prior history....
Win 10 = Good
Win 8/81 = Irritating
Win 7 = Good
Win Vista = Sucks
Win XP = Good (though it took until SP2 to get there)
Win Me = Sucks (Win 2000 was Great, but that wasn't on the consumer end
Before that it was generally better... though I though 98 sucked and I switched from 95 to NT shortly into 95's life and NT was an order of magnitude better than 95.
Yep.  I liked Win98SE, XP, 7, 10.  ME and Vista tied for the worst, Win8 close. They've been running on an every other version disaster.  Win11 has the potential to be the worst yet. We'll see.
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