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Excel Left Arrow Key Cause Move to Next Row from Column A

When arrowing left, it used to be that the cursor would stop at column A and in order to move up, you would have to press the arrow up key.
Suddenly, that has changed, and when you arrow left, the arrow will go to Column A then jump up a row and go to the furthest cell to the right and continue moving left.  When it hits column A again, it jumps to the cell furthest to right in the row above it again.  It will continue  this way for a while, then it jumps all the way down to the end of the spreadsheet.  Then I either scroll all the way up or hit home.
I can’t replicate it in other excel files.  And the only info I can find online deals with scroll lock which is not the issue because I've turned that off and on and tested.

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If this is happening to just that one file, then there might be a macro involved. Right-click the sheet tab and select View code. Is there a code present?

Is the sheet protected? If so, that may be affecting the cells that the arrow key takes you to. 
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No code, but yes it is protected.  However, my boss says it has always been protected and this just started happening over the weekend.  Would having Review turned on affect it at all?
Check general info about reviewing and protecting here:

​Protect is part of the Review tab. 
Test unprotecting the sheet to see if that changes editing.

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