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Remote Desktop on Raspberry Pi OS 32Bit

In the past, i have been able to setup and use MS RDP to connect to Raspberry PI OS 32Bit without issue following varies articles such as

But with the latest Raspberry PI OS releases have not been able to connect - get the following timeout error. -- see below:

Process to follow:  

Use Raspberry Pi Imager v1.62 -- create boot media using release 2021-10-30

Boot up system -- run updates - create passwords  --  and run following commands

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

sudo apt-get install xrdp

Launch Remote Desktop and attempt to connect. RDP seems to hang for a while then kicks out error below: 

If i pull out a image that i setup six months ago -- have no issues setting up.

Any thoughts on why the latest Raspberry PI OS image does not work with RDP.

Yes, I know i can use VNC but the question is RDP --- Is there a fix or other work around. 



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I see port 3350 which is not the Default RDP Port. 3389 is the Default.
Also... I see which is localhost. You should be connecting to a remote host which is not
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Strivoli -- that is the Error that pops up. Yes of course i attempt to RDP to Actual IP of the Raspberry PI. You may have something on the port??? can you elaborate more? I can RDP to a pre release 2021-10-30 image without issue. Then using the same RDP setting / client -- RDP to a alternate IP 2021-10-30 image and get the error shown in my original question. Any Ideas where to go next.???
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Team Raspberry Pi Experts
Does anyone have any input on this
Let me know -- Thanks - Dan 
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