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How to install RDS on Server 2019 with the trial period license

I am installing RDS on Server 2019.  I have installed it by using Remote Desktop Services Installation.  I have used the quick start method.

The installation seemed to go fine, but when I open the  Remote Desktop Services it only had an analyze option.  I then installed the license manager and went to activate the server, but there does not seem to be an option to use the trial period of licensing.

Eventually we will have CALs via the Microsoft charities method or via tech soup.

Is there a way to get the trial period to work to ensure this will meet the organization needs

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When I go to tools I have a Remote Desktop Services that has three options:
  1. Remote Desktop Gateway Manager
  2. Remote Desktop Licensing Diagnostics
  3. Remote Desktop Licensing Manager
I do not seem to have "RD Licensing" in any of the options that I have.
As you can see in the diagnoser, I have missed something along the way.  
 licensing diagnoser.PNG

licensing mamager.PNG
Open Server Manager and on the left hand side, click on Remote Desktop Services
Do you see the option to edit the deployment?
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In Licensing Manager I have Install Licenses an in the license program I have
  1. License Pack [Retail Purchase]
  2. Open License
  3. Select License
  4. Enterprise Agreement
  5. Campus Agreement
  6. School Agreement
  7. Services Provider License Agreement
  8. Other Agreement
  9. Select Plus License
Each item requires a number.  Once we get up and running, we will be purchasing a license, but it is essential to get up and running sooner rather than later, as well as a test to see if this is going to be the best solution
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I am able to find a similar setting in the local group policy editor on the server where I can choose either per user  or per device
You want to be in SERVER MANAGER not Licensing Manager.

In Server Manager you should be able to get to this exact page:
User generated image

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Got it


Will carry on with your recommendations  
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I added the appropriate users to the Built in Remote Desktop Users Group.   Should I create a Remote Desktop Users Group by itself or is it acceptable to use the Built in one? 
My goal is that the users can take their laptop home and connect to their work network once they have established a VPN connection.  I want them to be able to access their work profiles when they are working remotely, as they do when they are on site with their laptops.  There are only 3 users at this point in time.  All 3 are roaming profile users and two are also redirected folder and file users.  I do not know if this is significant or not.  At this point I have not found a way to log into the work profiles.  the only options seem to be to log into the server, which is not what I need.

Also the licensing diagnoser now has a different error, so I probably missed something else

licensing diagnoser 2.PNG