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Video card needed with two HDMI ports that will fit the HP Compaq Elite 8300 SFF

I need a video card with two HDMI ports for this computer

Amazon would be best because I buy alot from there already.

Assistance in determining what to buy for this would be greatly appreciated.

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If this page refers to the same computer: looks like you have:
1 PCIe x1
1 PCIe x4 and
1 PCIe x16

You might have better luck finding a video card that has 2 x DisplayPorts. (They seem easier to find than 2 x HDMI ports). Make sure the card is "low profile".  Then you can use DisplayPort to HDMI cables.

Is there anything currently occupying the x16 slot on the PC?
If not, here is a card:

I'd get something like this:

Although it only has one HDMI output (along with a DVI Port), that shouldn't be a problem, as you can get DVI to HDMI adapters, or even cables that on one end have DVI, & on the other end HDMI. This card comes with two brackets which you can change, so for your small form factor PC you just have to use the small bracket.

I prefer not to link to Amazon, as that company collects as much data on users as it can, & that I just can't support.
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I do have all four PCI-E slots available.

It also looks like this unit has one of the HDMI ports built-in, so I only need a single HDMI or Display Port card for a PCIE slot.

This may be my cheapest option still though because I am not finding any cheaper singles. It does look like display port is going to be easier to find than HDMI.
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I'm assuming your monitors have HDMI inputs, is that correct?
Yes, EC, thank you!

The monitors do have HDMI inputs.
You need to be careful with Mainboards that have Built in GPU's & adding an additional GPU. Many of them allow you to either use the internal GPU, or the External one, but not both at the same time. So you should still look for a card that has 2 outputs for the case where your board doesn't support both GPU's simultaneously. But you don't necessarily need two HDMI outputs as, like I mentioned earlier, there are adapters for other outputs.
I don't completely understand this where you said "you don't necessarily need two HDMI outputs."
You can get DVI to HDMI Adapters or cables, so if one output is DVI & the other HDMI, you can still connect them to 2 HDMI displays.
ok, yes, I do recognize that