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How do I most effectively design an interface like Apple Music?

Hi everyone. I'm trying to create an interface similar to the standard left panel of Apple Music and Apple Photos:

User generated imageI need to create the various levels all at run time as some come from a database and some are navigation controls.  The standard treeview lets me add entries no problem but I can't make a transparent background without borders (I want the left panel of this app to be grey and the right panel white (already achieved with a rectangle aligned to the right layout.

Is there some kind of component library I can use for this or some trick of Firemonkey I am missing? I am a long-ago delphi programmer coming back to the product after many years so Firemonkey is new to me. 

Also, I am going to need a listview type control that will give me the ability to present database data like the right panel of Apple Music - is this something I can do with the existing controls or do I need another component? I am happy to compile this at run time from the database - I already have a bunch of classes that interface with the database providing me with all the necessary data - I am using those self-made classes to fill grids in a basic form in another part of the app.

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David Favor
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Simple solution will be to use some existing software.

Maybe mention why you're doing this type of duplicate development.

If it's just for grins + learning, search + find a project close to what you're after in an acceptable language + get started.

Also keep in mind which OS types you'll be targeting... as...

Linux != OSX != Windows

Generally it's easy to get code working for 1x OS or Linux/OSX...

Supporting all 3x OS types tends to be... an adventure...
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Jamie Frater


David: I'm just mimicking the style of the interface - the software itself is nothing to do with music. I'm really just supporting MacOS using Delphi - though everything I've coded so far compiles for Windows also.
This seems like a very... time intensive project...

If I had to do this... I'd just start through cloning look + feel of Apple Music...

Likely fairly simple... just time consuming... as there's likely no tool for this...

Because Delphi code on MacOS is rare as a herd of rainbow unicorns.
David: good to know! I'll get things done faster from the ground up probably - it takes too long trying to mould other people's components into something useable it appears.
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