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Teamviewer suddenly implemented quota

Teamviewer...so basically, you have to spend 14 hours deleting old machines manually or pay 5 times your current subscription....anyone else got this issue? i cant abide it, i will move if they dont help . any suggestions on the new teamviewer:

1) unattended access

2) on demand access

3) security profile so that only my account can log in to device

4) ability to copy security profile (something that teamviewer has been sorely lacking) and then amend it, instead of having to recreate the whole damn thing 

conversation so far.... 

Hi I hope you are well. 

I have been a customer for around 8 years . i moved to teamviewer because of the great LogMeIn debacle where they jacked their prices by about a factor of 10 in some cases, didnt tell the customer and auto billed, this annoyed many people, me included. 

i have now been sent an email by teamviewer stating that i am over my active number of computers. 

i was not aware of the limit on this, maybe i should have been, but it has never been an issue before and im not the only one who doesnt read EULA's etc. it works, its worked for years, it works well.

i am not saying that i wont pay for computers on my account that go above the limit., BUT - i have never bothered to delete any old / dead computers because its never been an issue and i didnt realise that i had a quota. 

your support is telling me that i must go through, manually, 1700 computers and delete each one individually based on if i want to keep it or not. this will take me over 14 hours if i do one continuously every 30 seconds. I  am not going to do this.  

i have requested a list of computer vs last connected time. i got given a powershell script, which i have run. it does not contain the last connected time. your support have now said to me that they cannot help.

your back end team will easily be able to produce a list of these computers, and also to be able to delete them from my account with a script.

so it is now up to you.  it is not worth my time to go through 1700 machines manually. i am happy to pay for an appropriate plan for active licenses, but i will not spend 14 hours going through all the old computers on my account, and i will not buy a license to cover maybe 1000 extra computers that are no longer in use.

i hope you can come to an sensible arrangement. 

below is the last email from your support, which frankly i find baffling. if you think that any of us techs dont think that you could remove computers that havent connected in over say 1 years by writing a script, you must be crazy.

 I am afraid  in as afar as deletion goes we are working to improve the deletion process but at the moment the information provided is all  we have to share.

 TeamViewer may use, at its sole discretion, and implement technical measures regarding the functionality of the software and the server services to assess whether customer’s usage pattern is in line with the indicated usage volume and thus with the chosen license type, and to detect whether the contractually agreed scope of use is being exceeded by customer.

 Please note, that the implementation of this technical limitation regarding the maximum number of Managed Devices is in accordance with our End User License Agreement sections B.1.4 and B.1.8 and would therefore kindly ask you to reduce your number of Managed Devices to match the quantity included in your license or reach out to our Sales team to increase the available number of Managed Devices in your subscription plan.

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Jose Gabriel Ortega Castro

Basically, I canceled them 3 years now and use anydesk.
It's not perfect but it keeps its promises and it's always there with support if required.

Teamviewer basically asked me to pay 2x more if I wanted to install in a new computer because I had (in the middle of a pandemic) to have 3 installations on my own computer (because system drives crashed and died) so I Reinstalled more than 3 times for sure) my computer, then basically asked me to pay more to get "more installs" when I was not actively using the 3 limits, they implemented "you can only switch 5 times/year " the license. Since then I don't even use their "free tier" I mean nothing, and absolutely not recommend them at all, which is bad enough for an expert in a field, imagine if we were 2 or 200, worldwide consultants :)

So that would be my pick use anydesk, you'll get used to.

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splashtop looks really good - and you get unlimited devices, and mobile devices included. teamviewer wanted  about a grand for that from me just for unlimited devices.

i remember this all happening with log me in 8 years ago...and teamviewer came to the rescue ...plus ca change, it all comes round again.

i use security policies with teamviewer - is this doable with anydesk or splashtop? (although i hate the fact that i cant copy a security policy and amend it, you have to build it from scratch - many people complained about this but they have done nothing. and i tell you what else i wont miss, the landing page with "loading now" on it, when they mean downloading....every single customer gets tripped up on that. )

and in terms of hassle, nothing is as bad as having to spend 14 hours manually going through every single machine....
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.


Not sure about the security policies - I don't recall ever using them with TeamViewer myself.

I suggest you email SplashTop's customer service - they are really good, and very quick to respond in my experience.  They'll also give you a free trial (you can do that yourself from their website), so you could download try it with on of your own machines (say), then contact them with queries about functionality.

For the avoidance of doubt, my only involvement with SplashTop is as a user.


many thanks Alan

im going to sign up with splashtop - spent a few hours today trying it, it looks good. mobile devices included too!
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