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Redirect Crystal Report Data Mapping

I'm curious if anyone has "tricked" a Crystal report into believing that the data source is in a different location.  For example; my system where I would write the report is c:/data./file.mdb but on someone else's system their data is housed on f:/their_files/file.mdb - it's an odd question I know but we are having to respond to this scenario. 


thanks in advance - 


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Mike McCracken

How do you run the reports?

Crystal does not have a command line capability.

One way that seems to work is to run Crystal from a batch file and copy their data file to a known location

I works with Excel files but might no with Access.

Do the Access files have passwords?

This is the batch file I used

copy %1 C:\Reports\report.xls
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Objects\Crystal Reports 11.5\crw32.exe" C:\Reports\TestReport.rpt

Run it from the command screen
CRRUN C:\mydata\mydata.xls
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Good morning -

The rpt and mdb files are on a hosted file location.

The software provider that is being used allowed the user to create the report and map the data source within the software which would allow for correct mapping.

Now, they have announces that they will no longer support this and allow users to do this.  So - I have to create the report on my local machine and transfer that report to the hosted environment and somehow have to identify the data source in the report so that we do not receive an error.  Change the data source location from my pc to the hosted site.  But, I cannot map to that hosted site.  

There aren't any passwords on the mdb files -
Your comments are appreciated - It gives me some new ideas.
Thanks - CS
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Mike McCracken

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