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MS Excel return value based on multiple criteria

MS Excel.  I need a formula that returns the value in Column J (workbook #2) if the values in Column C2 & E2 (workbook#1) matches the same combination of values in Column A & C (workbook#2).  I'll be using the solution on a larger set of data so the end result will be greater than just returning values for the combo of C2 & E2 (workbook#1)

Please do not use VBA for a solution, I'd like something more simple to edit later if needed.

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If you find the recalc time annoying when you copy the suggested formula down, please consider building an auxiliary column that concatenates the values in Workbook 2 columns A and C. Assuming this concatenation is in column Z, you may then use an INDEX & MATCH formula like:
=IFNA(INDEX('[Workbook 2.xlsx]Sheet1'!J$2:J$10000, MATCH(C2 & E2,'[Workbook 2.xlsx]Sheet1'!Z$2:Z$10000,0)), "Not found")

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