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How do I create uniform dimensions for each row on the page?

How do I get the height of the video player to be the same on this page?

I tried the video tag and blox light class with the height rule, all to no avail.

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Scott Fell
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You need to start with one video on the page.Or do you mean when it plays?

There is an issue with uploading my screenshots and I am not able to view the page so having to edit here.

You need to remove the style="width:250;height250;"

Then add to your CSS add

video {
object-fit: cover; 

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The problem you have is because some video title/ description are longer.
You can set a min-height to your box or limit the title and description length.
I have blurred the title/description and image
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Thank you for the input. I truncated the name of the videos with CSS. How do I fill in the space in red so all thumbnails are the same size? Thank you.User generated image
From the two files I have uploaded, you can see the video tags are the same size.

If you use
video { object-fit: cover; } in place of the inline style, that will get the videos to all be the same size.


I apologize for t his odd post, because I tried adding my screenshots in the comment instead of attached, the page errored out on me and I had to wait until now to post again.  I see from your current page you found my edited suggestion. Is this where you want to be or do you need to modify some more?
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If you do want to keep the videos as is, and fill in the red space, just back the video background all the same color like gray or black.

video {
Thank you for the help!