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How to setup 15-20 Windows 10 Virtual Machines on Windows 2016 Server

Server 2016 Standard (Dual Processors / 128 GB RAM).  Want to run 15 Windows 10 virtual machines.  New to setting up workstation VM's (win10)  on a server.  These 15 VM's will be used for remote users.  How to setup on server and how do remote users connect to server once inside VPN.  Do the VM's have virtual IP's?  Have used Terminal Server in past for this scenario but customer has APP that doesn't play well with TS. Right now using 15 micro pc's in a rack with standard RDP into them.  They were free (acquired by business purchase) so it was inexpensive / easy implementation.  But now need to expand.  Heard that setting up Win10 VM's on Hyper V might be a good solution.


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Philip Elder

8/22/2022 - Mon
Lee W, MVP

There's no problem doing this, but you need to get VDI/VDA licenses from Microsoft.  These are somewhat expensive, making it almost a tossup which is better - VMs or PCs.  Your customer might be better off paying for Microsoft to Host the VMs (when you consider how much the hardware and licensing costs would be).


I was assuming i just needed the WIndows 10 Pro license for each VM and of course the Windows 2016 standard license.  So you are saying i need another license?
Lee W, MVP

Yes, you need Virtual Desktop Infrastructure licenses and I believe the OS has to be Enterprise.
Not a Microsoft link but...

I've looked into this in the past for a few clients; it's a very confusing structure Microsoft has in place.  I understand MOST other Microsoft licensing, but this still confuses me at times.  If you want to go down this road, you should really talk to a reseller familiar with Microsoft VDI about your specific requirements.
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Walt Forbes
Seth Simmons

Yes, you need Virtual Desktop Infrastructure licenses and I believe the OS has to be Enterprise.

correct.  I just renewed my VDA licenses a few weeks ago
I use them with vmware horizon.

Here is some documentation that discusses it.


Philip Elder

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