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How to renew SSL Cert for webmin?

This is using webmin. We are using this linux application for postfix email, apache web, and some others. Now, the ssl cert is going to be expired in a week's time.

 User generated imageAnother question is why the webmin url can not be access? Does this have to be configure on Apache?

We have renew the certificate with Alpha. What would be the steps to renew the ssl cert.?

Thanks in advance

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David Favor
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Is it using a public certificate or a self signed one?

You are accessing the portal by IP and using chrome, the message is that the URL you are accessing is not secure meaning no certificate. Do you need to have the site behind a certificate?
use a different browser.

You may have your setup configured to auto-redirect to .....
Since the SSL is for the domain name, use the domain name instead of IP to login to webmin.


To install SSL, first purchase SSL from any SSL provider ( etc..). Once you have SSL, you can update SSL in webmin, click on "Update Certificate and key" link to install your new SSL certificate and its private key.

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You can also use the free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate, which is tab before the last tab. It is a free 90 day SSL, Webmin will auto-renew the SSL if the website is public. Installing paid SSL may be better as you don't have to worry about renewal failing due to some technical issue.

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Hi all,

Give me sometime to digest. I will get back to you later.
As @Yujin mentioned, just use your normal hostname for connections + renewals... all should be well...

As there's no way Apache can connect to a 192.168.X.X (well... with public connections...) so some hostname must be being used, along with some Dark Necromancy to allow you access to a public site with a non-routable/private 192.168.X.X IP address.
Hi all,

There is a must simple way to renew the ssl cert, I will post it later.
Certs are dirt simple to renew... well... depending on the cert...

If you're truly covering a LAN IP, rather than a public IP, then you'll renew your cert based on the untrusted (Private CA) cert you generated initially.

How you renew your cert will be based on how you generated your cert.

Only you know how this occurred...
Dear David,

We didn't renew via the webmin URL.
We used the openssl to do the create the csr, and follow up actions. The objective is the same as getting it renewed via URL.
Thanks for both experts guided me to the correct direction. The ssl cert is finally renewed successfully.
You're welcome!