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vpn on home network

have Unix server in small home network that need vpn so some outside people can access the server only not the entire network

what is the Easiest way to achieve that?
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You can use Open VPN

About the client:

Quick start :

The free license should be enough depending of your needs.
I'm using it since 1 year and this is working fine.

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I hope you mean Linux, and if so:

It's totally free, and one of the easiest way to deploy it on the server AND clients. Fully safe and secure, and NO fiddling with all those certificates and keys in OpenVPN.

Install, configure a few customers (each customer needs their own section), and you hand out the correct config file to the customer (or even just QR code if the client is on Android or iOS).

You only need to open ONE port on the firewall/router.
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how performance of wireguard?
how can I get start? I read the menu and download exe for windows but have no idea what to do next
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