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VB.Net ListView Grouping Font Size / Font Bold

I am using the following sub in VB.Net to group data in a Windows Forms ListView.

Passing the data to sub from MySql query. I have been able to group the data by Employee Number - Name as shown in the image below:

My question is How to Make the header stand out more. 

The first header 474 Blake, Jorge font is Too small -- have not been able to figure out how to make bigger or possibly Bold it. I have tried making the text size within the ListView object bigger but has no effect on the grouping text size.

Let me know how to resolve

Thanks  - Dan

    Public Sub GroupByEmpNo(ByVal lstV As System.Windows.Forms.ListView, ByVal SubItemIndex As Int16)
        Dim flag As Boolean = True         For Each l As ListViewItem In lstV.Items             Dim strmyGroupname As String = l.SubItems(SubItemIndex).Text             For Each lvg As ListViewGroup In lstV.Groups                 If lvg.Name = strmyGroupname Then                     l.Group = lvg                     flag = False                 End If             Next             If flag = True Then                 Dim lstGrp As New ListViewGroup(strmyGroupname, strmyGroupname)                 lstV.Groups.Add(lstGrp)                 l.Group = lstGrp             End If             flag = True         Next     End Sub

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Depending upon what Windows Desktop version your executable is targeting, you might be able to do this with Visual Styles. I say "might" because I'm not intimately familiar with this functionality. I was able to dig up the following reference that might point you in the right direction:

VisualStyleElement.ListView.Group Class

Good luck!
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Yes -- i did see that one but focus is C#
Does anyone have a VB.Net solution
You can change the selected language from C# to VB as shown below.
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