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Exchange Server/ Mail Server : Outlook Recall Failure and Alternate method to recall message.

I sent an email through outlook and other email app to receipients and when i try to recall the same message it says the email has already been delivered and recall failure.Is there any alternate way to recover the email which has already been delivered to receipients inbox.Other than recalling email.

Please advice on requested information.

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Tony J
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Possibly if you are able to run exchange management shell scripts:

One way is here:

And a second here:

I've included both as the first is more relevant to Exchange Online and the second to Exchange on-premise.
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I have a feeling he's trying to recall an email on a FOREIGN system.
If we really had a method, that would be a scary thought, it means ANY individual had FULL power over OTHER's mailboxes. The world would be in chaos.

Anyway, when you send an email to ANOTHER system, consider it delivered and read. Even between 2 Exchange servers and Outlook clients, the recall functions fails in most cases. I'd say a successful recall happens about 25% in the SAME Exchange/Outlook environments, and about 5% overall (different systems). Not very nice stats I know.
Ah indeed - Kimputer makes a good point. If it's not your email system then once sent, consider it gone forever with no way to recall.
I agree with Kimputer but I'd rather say I'm more drastic. When users ask me why doesn't the Recall Feature work I answer that the Feature only works in optimal/lab environments. They start being more carefull when sending Mails.