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Microsoft Office can't find your license for this application

We have one user that is affected since the past week.  

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No recent updates were installed other than the regular monthly Patch Tuesday updates in November.  The user has a 32bit system and Office Pro 2016 installed. It is licensed and this issue only started recently.

The recommendations in this post do not work for me.'t-find-your-license-for-this-application.html.

I had originally run a repair of Office and no issues were detected. It stated the repair completed successfully.

The above post states that Software Protection should be started. It isn't on other machines we have in the office and no one else is having a problem.  I have seen some posts state that a reformat fixed the problem for some (which is a bit extreme) but this didn't work for others.

Yesterday this user's Windows 10 build was updated to 21H2 with the latest updates installed. However, he still has the issue.

I've read some posts that stated it was related to the user's profile.  Does anyone have a definitive solution to this issue?

Thank you.

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Login with another Windows User and try to run Office. If it works you/we know for sure it is User's Profile related or not. This should help us pinpoint the issue.
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Hi Strivoli,
Thanks. I am logged on as another user now but the issue is that the error appears intermittently. I am monitoring it in while I work on another machine but I need to let the user have access so he can work.  I will have him log on as a test user and see if he has the same issue.

If it does appear to be profile related, is there a best practice for fixing a corrupt profile?  I see this as an option .
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