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Why am I getting this 404 error?

Here's my method:

public function update(Request $request)
    {       $test_results= CeuResult::findOrFail($request->the_quiz_id);       if($request->pass <> $test_results->pass) {          if($request->pass==1) {             $test_results->attempts=1;             $test_results->quiz_date=date('Y-m-d');             $test_results->status='PASSED';             $test_results->pass=1;             $test_results->save();          }          else {             $test_results->attempts=0;             $test_results->pass=$request->pass;             $test_results->quiz_date=NULL;             $test_results->status=NULL;             $test_results->save();          }       }              $customer=CeuUser::findOrFail($request->the_id);          //update ceu_users table          $customer->winclose=$request->winclose;          $success='User was successfully updated!';                    if($customer->save()) {             Session::flash('message', 'User was successfully updated!');             return redirect('/admin/show/cuser/'.$request->the_id);          }        }

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Here's a screenshot of the site we're looking at:

User generated imageWhat I need to do is update the "Window Close" date. 

That will happen at this point in the code:

         //update ceu_users table
         $success='User was successfully updated!';

The thing is, when I click on submit, I get a 404 error. 

My routes look like this:

    Route::get('/list/cuser', 'CUserController@index')->name('adminListCUsers');
   Route::get('/show/cuser/{id}', 'CUserController@show')->name('adminShowCUser');    Route::post('/update/cuser', 'CUserController@update')->name('adminUpdateCUser');    Route::post('/update/cuser/status', 'CUserController@update_status')->name('adminUpdateCUserStatus');    Route::post('/delete/cuser', 'CUserController@destroy')->name('adminDeleteCUser');

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I can do this:

public function update(Request $request)

     echo "hello";

...and get a "hello," so this:

Route::post('/update/cuser', 'CUserController@update')->name('adminUpdateCUser'); working fine. 

But something's going south within the function housed in the Controller and I'm not even sure how to troubleshoot it. 

Why would I get a 404? How do I figure out what's wrong?

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Chris Stanyon
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Didn't have a quiz id. Didn't need one to do what had to be accomplished. Threw an IF clause into the mix and the sun came out again!

Thanks, Chris!