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"Backward processing" Delphi 7 into Delphi 10.4

I am trying to "backward process" Delphi 10.4 back to Delphi 7. I found out so far, that one directory of 10.4 is four records,





 These records all go to one or more records of Embarcadero. I am not sure (at all) which other records these are. I do have all the records of my file from1994 that are all in the C:\ directory. However, this is no longer the case. That is why I am "backward processing" this. There are great costs to the application. It worked and I sold it. However, I had to change a bit, which was later on, and I could not do it. Now, all of the C:\ drive was somehow completely changed. I had to fin out where the new directory was, an in how many files. I do wonder WHY embarcadero doesn't provide a program, I call it "backward processing" or even upgrading the software from the old to the new! 

Could one of you help me get my Delphi 7 files back to their location for Delphi 10.4 and that I never ever have to look into this again? 

Thank you very much!

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Sorry, but this is a task you need to do yourself.

I would setup a new solution/project and copy the files to the places they belong.
As @ste5an mentioned, this is just grueling head's down work.

Downleveling software is a slow, painful process.
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Sinisa, thank you SO much! 
I told my team group - aprox. hundred times - backup is a mother of all developers.
hmm. Not exactly. Code repositories are a must.