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Refreshing Power BI Desktop

When I refresh my report in Power BI Desktop, the data disappears.  How can I eliminate this issue?

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Yes, I had checked there.  Advanced Editor is displaying correct references to the environment.  That's why I'm befuddled.
when in PQ editor you click on the "Source" step, you see the data? If you do go down the steps and see when the data disappears, maybe you have some filter/merge that was added in the query after the last refresh.
I'm sorry, but what is meant by "steps"?  Can you please show a screenshot?
In PQ editor on the right of the screen you see the Mcode steps visually:
User generated imageWhen you click on a step you can see the details in the formula bar in the middle of your screen:
User generated image
you can make this bar larger by clicking on the little arrow at the right.
Hi There:
Yes, I see data in PQ editor.  I don't see data in the Power BI Desktop itself.
1. If the widgets in report itself is not showing: can you please check View->Selection->Show/Hide of widgets to check by any chance widgets are marked as Hide?

2. I do notice sometime the database table get unselected in data source settings. You may need to re-map the database table.
That's good news, you don't have a problem in your datasource :). So you see data in in PQ when selecting the last step of your Query right? But when you look at the "Data" view in PBI desktop your table is blank or the data disappears in your "Report" visuals?
Can you verify the query is still loaded, in PQ editor, right click on the Query:
User generated image
I'm unclear.  Below is the list of my five queries in PQ.  The screenshot that you displayed is what I see.
Please let me know if this doesn't answer the question.
Still, why would refreshing prevent the data from displaying in the Power BI Desktop?
User generated image
PQ is your first layer of tranformation so if you have a filter here or deactive the load no data will be loaded to your tables. As enable load is set for all your queries you need to check the content of the queries to find the problem. When you select a query you'll see the steps applied on the right of your screen, like this:
User generated imageThese steps are applied top down, starting at your source until the end, if you click on the last step and you see no data you have a filter/merge somewhere that filters out all your data before it's loaded to the PBI desktop table.
I see data, in all steps.
So you refreshed you dataset, all data disappeared from desktop tables but when you hit "Transform" you see data in all last steps of your queries?
So you do have the data in the tables (should have asked this as first question :( )? Just not in the visual? Btw, you only see a field checked when you select a visual.
so the problem was that you had no fields added to your visuals? Is it fixed?
the fields are and were there....
regardless, when I click to "refresh data", all of the data disappears.