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Scalar function not behaving consistently in query

In the following scalar function,

a fractional value between 0.1 and 0.4 is set to 0.5

a fractional value of 0.6 and above is rounded up to the next integer

(     @val float ) RETURNS float AS BEGIN     -- Declare the return variable here     declare @frac float      --fractional part of the value     declare @newfrac float     Set @frac = @val - round(@val,0,1)     set @newfrac = 0     If  @frac >= 0.1 and @frac <=0.4         set @newfrac = 0.5     else if @frac >= 0.6         set @newfrac = 1     else if @frac > 0.4 and @frac < 0.6         set @newfrac = 0.5     return     round(@val,0,1) + @newfrac END

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this works fine in SMSS e.g.

select dbo.BHERound(1.6) , gives the answer 2, as expected

however the following query

select *,dbo.BHERound(RawBHE) as BHE from tblTESTRawBHE where PosRef='FCILLC002220'

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User generated imagei.e 1.5 which is wrong, RawBHE is a FLOAT data type.

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Why didn't you just use CEILING ?
DECLARE @n float = 1.6
SELECT CEILING((@n-0.099999999)*2)/2.0

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