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Exchange Servrer Malware Filtering issue.

Hi All,

Our Exchange Server 2016 have enabled Malware Filtering features. I discovered that all Windows application logs appear Windows Event ID 6035. Sometimes, event ID 6032 and 6027. All definition download cannot update. Can anyone help?

Event ID : 6035

MS Filtering Engine Update process was unsuccessful in testing an engine update.

Engine Microsoft


Event ID : 6032

MS Filtering Engine Update process has timed out on the downloaded of an update for Microsoft engine.

Event ID : 6027

MS Filtering Engine Update process was unsuccessful to download the engine the engine update for Microsoft from Primary Update Path.

Update Path:http://amupdatedl.microsoft.com/service/amupdate


Reason: "There was a catastrophic error while attempting to update the engine. Error: DownloadEngine failed and there are no further update paths available. Engine Id: 1 Engine Name: Microsoft"

Best Regards,


ExchangeWindows OSMicrosoft

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Borland dBase III Plus

8/22/2022 - Mon

Is Windows Firewall running on the Exchange server and possibly blocking the connection?
If not, is there another firewall further upstream that is blocking it? (You should be able to view logs on the firewall)
Is the hard drive full?
Does the Exchange directory have correct write permissions assigned? (In this directory make sure Network Service has Full Control permissions > ExchangeInstallPath \V15\FIP-FS\Data\Engines\amd64
Has it ever worked or did it just start happening?
Are you running the latest Cumulative Update on Exchange?
Borland dBase III Plus

Hi EC,

1. Windows Firewall is turn off on the Exchange Server.
2. There is no any blocking rule for any traffic from Exchange Server to internet and I did not find any outgoing traffic of Exchange Server block by Internet firewall.
3. There is 390GB disk space on Exchange Install Path.
4. There are full control permissions in ExchangeInstallPath \V15\FIP-FS\Data\Engines\amd64 for Network Service.
5. It seems that it has not ever worked.
6. I have upgraded Exchange Server 2016 to CU22 two day ago (2021-12-11).

I have found many article on internet, but it seems that no any solution work until now.

Best Regards,

If you have IPS enabled in firewall. Please disable it for some time and check.
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Michael B. Smith

This article goes into detail as to the requirements for download those updates and how to manually execute the process: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/antispam-and-antimalware/antimalware-protection/download-antimalware-updates?view=exchserver-2016
Borland dBase III Plus

Hi M A,
I have disabled the IPS function in internet security endpoint on Exchange Server. However, all definition download still cannot update on Exchange Server,

Hi Michael,
I have read this article before, I have followed the steps to update manually, but still failure.

No any idea to fix this issue. :(

Best Regards,
Michael B. Smith

Can you access the path? http://forefrontdl.microsoft.com/server/scanengineupdate 
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