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Now that Western Digital is ending support for their older MyCloud Mirror what is a good path forward?

Trying to choose a home cloud solution since WD has emailed that they will not support my current setup after this comong April.

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I just use big Drives setup in Disk Docks... using fake-ish RAID1...

1) Copy files to 1x big drive in a Dock during daily work.

2) Then at midnight rsync 1st drive to 2nd drive, both drives in the same Dock.

3) This requires 0 software + works 100% of the time, with no proprietary disk formats or hardware to fail.

4) 18TB EXOS Drives are now around $350/disk + approach $300 when purchased by the case.

These drives run quiet (they're on the floor by my desk + I rarely hear them) + coolish (good to warm your feet, to cool to fry eggs) + last pretty much till the sun goes nova... or the next CME/EMP event...

Great drives + they're always cheaper than Iron Wolf drives or other similar drives... by sometimes $100/drive...
I use paid Dropbox, paid Google drive and free Microsoft OneDrive.  I use Dropbox for my development because it is the only service that allows me to use an IDE, the others will not work because of the way they sync. The other reason I started with Dropbox paid is because at one time they had unlimited file history. At some point it went to 12 months, then 6 and now I think 30 days max.

Both Google Drive and OneDrive are $1.99 per month. With Google, the space you pay for is for Drive, Gmail and Photos. For personal, I really like Google Photo's for the search feature. You don't have to tag anything, just search, "puppy's" and it does a very good job of finding all those pictures.  

Any of these you can set to keep everything in the cloud or both local and the cloud. I really think you will see these services can take the place of an external drive given the fact that you can have more files online than on your external HD. I know there are good case to keep the external, but these are the choices I would use.

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I am toying with pcloud but will give it more time to decide.
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