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Need help pulling last name from a string where it has two spaces?

Need help with Access VBA script that can determine the last name by identifying space in the end and only retrieving the last name in the full name.

So as an example:  if the full name is John W Ciesle - how can I use InStr or InStrRev to give me the last name only as a value?

VBAMicrosoft Access

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Fabrice Lambert

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Dale Fye

Dim arrNames() as string
arrNames = Split(Replace(FullName, "  ", " "), " ")
LastName = arrNames(ubound(arrnames))

I've included a Replace() function in there to replace instances where there are multiple consecutive spaces (not uncommon with text strings) with a single space.  Then use the Split() function to split the FullName into its parts, then select the last element of the array.


Dale Fye

The down-side of this, or almost any other technique is where you have a split last name.
Van Cleafe
St. Pierre

Generally, when I'm splitting the last name, I will provide a way for the user to review the various elements of the name and confirm or potentially fix the splits.


Thank you for that Dale, what I've done is the following:  (I just didn't post it to be precise on what I was asking:)

If CountofCharacterInString(sFullName, " ") = 2 And sFullName Like "* *" Then
        'grab everything from space backward
        sFullName = Right$(sFullName, Len(sFullName) - InStrRev(sFullName, " "))
        GoTo Exit_Proc
      End If

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Public Function CountofCharacterInString(sValue As String, sCharacter As String) As Long
On Error GoTo Err_Proc

  Dim lCount As Long
  lCount = Len(sValue) - Len(Replace(sValue, sCharacter, ""))
  CountofCharacterInString = lCount
  Exit Function
  Call LogError(Err, Err.Description, "sys_mTasks @ CountofCharacterInString")
  Resume Exit_Proc

End Function

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