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is it wrong to have WiFi modems close to each other

I decided to try a new isp called Flow. they use an Arris Modem and the other company I have uses an Arris Modem.

both modems are currently close to each other and in operation. I also have a Linksys router close to them as well.

can this affect speed? do I need to change any settings on my flow modem eg channels etc to make my WiFi better ?
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Craig Beck
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Just adding to the excellent advice given by Craig Beck.

I use one of many free smartphone apps to look at existing WiFi.  I have an Android-based phone and use WiFi Analyzer from farproc.  One of the screens will show you all of the WiFi signals it can see, what channels they are on, and how strong they are.  That will give you a good clue if there is overlap between Wireless Access Points, including those that are nearby but are not controlled by you.

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Unfortunately I can’t change the channels on 2.4 on Arris Modem 
Your screenshot shows "System Basic Setup".  Is there an Advanced Setup that allows assignment of channels?

The smartphone app would be a useful tool here to check if there is a channel conflict.  Though it would be good to have the ability to change it on the modem/router, that's less important if you can identify that there is no channel conflict.

"can this affect speed? ": more important than speed is the fact that channel conflicts can impact reliability of connection.
I have an IPhone. can I use a computer app as an alternative ?
there is no advanced setup. only on 5ghz I can change channels but it is currently set to auto
There may well be a computer app, but I've never tried to track one down.  The phone is much more convenient.

I'd expect there to be similar apps for the iPhone.