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Optimize ODBC in a Windows 2019 Terminal Server Environment

Optimize the performance of Microsoft Access ODBC in a Windows Server 2019 Terminal Server Environment. We have an MS Access DB, connected via QODBC to a very large QuickBooks Company File. I am hoping to find registry entries that might improve the performance. The hardware is quite new. SSD's in a RAID 10. The terminal server is a VM on the same physical machine as the Quickbooks file.

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Not sure what you are after, large file, data from years past? Is shrinking the QB file a consideration?
Slow performance deals with multiple users accessing it?
The QB is managed by the host while you are working within the VM?

I think I see your issue, the hypervisor scheduler is subordinated by the host priority which is higher.

Which hypervisor? Hyper-V?
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I did actually already go through the optimizer. I am closing this question, we are going to have to compress the database, which will involve Intuit support as the process always throws some errors, which is why the database has grown to such an unmanageable size.
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