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Calculated Values in VB ListView Groupings

I am using a ListView to view data from a MySqlDB. 

ListView name is lstMySqlData -- I am able to pull in the data from MySql into the ListView -- then sort into Groups using the Sub code below by calling sub using the following: GroupByEmpNo(lstMySqlData, 1)

See resulting screen shot below:

My question is how to calculate the Claim Diff field by group as shown. The first row of each group would be the time in 100ths since midnight. Each row after that would be the amount of time since the last punch.

Thoughts -- example code -- other

Thanks for your help


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    Public Sub GroupByEmpNo(ByVal lstV As System.Windows.Forms.ListView, ByVal SubItemIndex As Int16)
        Dim flag As Boolean = True         For Each l As ListViewItem In lstV.Items             Dim strmyGroupname As String = l.SubItems(SubItemIndex).Text             For Each lvg As ListViewGroup In lstV.Groups                 If lvg.Name = strmyGroupname Then                     l.Group = lvg                     flag = False                 End If             Next             Dim BackColor             BackColor = "FDF5E6"             For Each g As ListViewGroup In lstV.Groups                 With g                     For Each i As ListViewItem In .Items                         i.Font = New Font("Calibri", 10, FontStyle.Bold)                         i.BackColor = Color.Wheat                     Next                 End With             Next             If flag = True Then                 Dim lstGrp As New ListViewGroup(strmyGroupname, strmyGroupname)                 lstV.Groups.Add(lstGrp)                 l.Group = lstGrp             End If             flag = True         Next     End Sub

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