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WebCam flickers in Zoom but not in the Camera app

   When I start Zoom and start the video the WebCam flickers like an old time movie yet when I start the camera app in Windows 11 it's as still and nice as it has ever been. So what setting in zoom is causing this flicker?  I would think it would be a setting in Zoom. Any ideas? For what it is worth it is a Dell Inspiron.

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David Favor

8/22/2022 - Mon
Jackie Man

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David Favor

As @Jackie mentioned, what you're describing sounds like your hardware might require an update to support Windows + Zoom, as both Windows + Zoom are resource hungry.

One simple trick you can use is to...

1) Run some sort of activity monitor to determine if your system is swapping during Zoom calls.

2) If swapping, then try killing off all other processes except Zoom during your calls.

Fix: Add more RAM.

3) Also, if your fan is spinning up during Zoom calls this might be simple swapping or your CPU could be spinning many or all cores at 100%.

Fix: Add CPU with higher clock speed + more cores.

4) There is one other oddity that might be occurring, someone intimately familiar with Windows will have to comment on this.

With OSX (Macs) the task kernel_task tests component heat levels + if sustained usage occurs which could damage components, then kernel_task begins yielding high CPU usage tasks.

Current Macs run cool to the touch (most of the time), so fans rarely spin up (unless a video transcode is occurring), so kernel_task no longer runs much.

Unsure if Windows has some sort of component protection strategy.

You should be able to tell looking at your activity monitor during a Zoom call.
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