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Shorten alarm on Google Speaker Device

The alarm on my Google speaker stays on for a full hour. I have searched through the Google Home app, but cannot find a way to reduce this. This is not the case with the alarm on my Android phone, which has an obvious setting for the length of the alarm.

It is possible to reduce the length of the alarm on a google speaker device? If so, how?


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Lev Seltzer

8/22/2022 - Mon
David Johnson, CD

you can always tap the device to silence the alarm
Lev Seltzer

I am dealing with a situation in which it is not possible to silence the alarm. Instead, I want to program the alarm to not ring for such a long time. 
David Johnson, CD

speak "Hey Google, stop alarm"
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William Peck
Lev Seltzer

I am dealing with a situation in which it is not possible to silence the alarm - even with speaking.
I am only looking for a solution in which I am able to adjust the settings for this alarm, just as I can adjust this particular setting for the Google alarm on my android phone. 
David Johnson, CD

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Lev Seltzer

I don't know why it plays for an hour, either.

I see that either I am not going to find a solution in this forum, or there is no solution because this is an unchangeable design feature.

Thank you for your help in any case.