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Microsoft Word text garbled

I am using Microsoft Word 2016  and ashampoo write on on Windows 10

I randomly get garbage like the highlighted sentence.

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John Korchok

8/22/2022 - Mon
Dr. Klahn

Does this occur while the program is running, or when it loads a saved file?

If it occurs when the program loads a saved file, then it seems likely that one or the other of these two programs is generating a save file that the other cannot parse properly.  This would be particularly likely in the case of Word .DOC files.

If this is the situation, try saving the file in Rich Text Format (.RTF) instead and see if the problem is alleviated.  RTF is a standard for formatted text interchange among unlike programs.
David Johnson, CD

You are using 2 pieces of software on different machines
Ashsampoo Office 8 AND Office 2016

which program are the garbled text files last saved with? If you open the garbled text file with the other software is the garbling still present?

Can you reproduce this or is it sort of a hit and miss item?

Yes expert
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James Murphy
David Johnson, CD

Yes to what I asked a few questions.
Is it easy to reproduce?

 It started in word.  It also appears in A shampoo and open office writer. And it’s there when I convert the file to a PDF.

It is not easy to diagnose by image.
much depends on what it is you think is going on. From my thinking, it looks like you have text overlays text making both illegible.

What format is the data saved in?
if you can as David suggested a small file that depicts this issue and upload it here it might be possible to explain what causes it, not prevent it from occuring.

If you create a file in one, then open/convert it in the other, and save back, you may end up with a clash of things that might be ignored in one, while being processed incorrectly in the other dealing with formatting info.

if you untick the display of hidden characters, does the view of the line in question change?
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test document.docx
As requested, I am sending the file. Thank you for your help.

If I copy the line to another document and merge formatting, it comes out right.
John Korchok

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