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Visual Foxpro syntax error while saving code scan/endscan statement

I am trying to insert values  into a readwrite cursor TempCRSpop1 while using scan/endscan reading from another cursor TempCRS2, but I keep getting a syntax error while trying save the code.  What am I doing wrong with my syntax?  Sample code below:

Any help appreciated or if there is a better way to populate data into TempCRSpop1.

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*I create my TempCRSpop1 readwrite cursor

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SELECT O_ord_pay.op_main_key, O_ord_pay.op_sub_key,;
  O_ord_pay.op_ord_date, Req_payment.r_paiddate as op_date_paid, O_ord_pay.op_reqno,;
  O_ord_pay.op_vendor, O_ord_pay.op_desc, O_ord_pay.op_est_amt,;
  Req_payment.r_payamt as op_amt, O_ord_pay.op_po_no;
 FROM  dbbudget!o_ord_pay INNER JOIN dbbudget!req_payment ;
   ON  O_ord_pay.op_uniqueid = Req_payment.r_id;
 WHERE O_ord_pay.op_flag_1 = 1;
   AND Req_payment.r_paiddate BETWEEN .txtfdate.value AND .txttdate.value ;
   AND O_ord_pay.op_programs == alltrim(.cboprog.displayvalue) ;

*create another cursor called TempCRS2

SELECT O_ord_pay.op_main_key, O_ord_pay.op_sub_key,;
  O_ord_pay.op_ord_date, O_ord_pay.op_date_paid, O_ord_pay.op_reqno,;
  O_ord_pay.op_vendor, O_ord_pay.op_desc, O_ord_pay.op_est_amt,;
  O_ord_pay.op_amt, O_ord_pay.op_po_no;
 FROM dbbudget!o_ord_pay;
 WHERE O_ord_pay.op_flag_1 = 3;
   AND O_ord_pay.op_date_paid BETWEEN .txtfdate.value AND .txttdate.value ;
   AND O_ord_pay.op_programs == alltrim(.cboprog.value) ;
   OR (O_ord_pay.op_flag_1 BETWEEN 6 AND 10;
   AND O_ord_pay.op_date_paid BETWEEN .txtfdate.value AND .txttdate.value ;
   AND O_ord_pay.op_programs == alltrim(.cboprog.value)) ;
   OR (O_ord_pay.op_flag_1 = 2 ;
   AND O_ord_pay.op_ord_date BETWEEN .txtfdate.value AND .txttdate.value ;
   AND O_ord_pay.op_programs == alltrim(.cboprog.value)) ;  

*finally, I'm trying to scan through my TempCRS2 cursor and insert the values into *TempCRSpop1 cursor that I created primarily, but I keep getting syntax errors when *saving my code.

      INSERT INTO ('TempCRSpop1') (O_ord_pay.op_main_key, O_ord_pay.op_sub_key,;
                            O_ord_pay.op_ord_date, O_ord_pay.op_date_paid,;
                            O_ord_pay.op_reqno, O_ord_pay.op_vendor,;
                            O_ord_pay.op_desc, O_ord_pay.op_est_amt,;
                            O_ord_pay.op_amt, O_ord_pay.op_po_no);
         VALUES (TempCRS2.op_main_key, TempCRS2.op_sub_key, TempCRS2.op_ord_date,;
               TempCRS2.op_date_paid, TempCRS2.op_reqno,;
               TempCRS2.op_vendor, TempCRS2.op_desc,;
               TempCRS2.op_est_amt, TempCRS2.op_amt,;

*the following error is what I get and can't figure out why:

FoxPro* VFP

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Pavel Celba

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