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Using SAP IDT I'm trying to validate a derived table but it times out during validation.

Using SAP IDT I'm trying to validate a derived table in my universe. but it times out during validation.   If I say "select top 1" it works, it will validate successfully.  I'm guessing the query is timming out during the validation process. Is there a parameter or someway to override the timing out?


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Mike Johnson

8/22/2022 - Mon
Mike McCracken

I don't recall ever having one time out.

How many rows do you expect it to return?

Check the database to see if it has a timeout.

There are settings for number of rows to return and time for the query to run but those are when the report/query runs and as I recall are in the Business Layer not the Data Foundation.

Can you run the SQL in the database to see how many rows are returned?
Do you need all the data it might return or can you limit it to the last N years.

Try rearranging the where clause so the first one filters out the most?

Does the SQL have filters in the joins or is everything in the where clause?

Mike Johnson

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