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existing .pdb file causing issues with project

Hello, All.
I am working on a project for uploading images.
(Original C# script can be found here "")
(Please read over my previous thread for information on it
C# to conversion code has some errors. Code is for blueimp / jQuery-File-Upload)
The issue at the moment is the following.
When I run the project and choose to upload ([start] in the demo), it does like it is supposed to, then VS gives the following error.

  This exception was originally thrown at this call stack:
    [External Code]  jFileUploadASP.FileUploadHandler.ProcessRequest(System.Web.HttpContext) in FileUploadHandler.ashx.cs     [External Code]

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The issue with the above is the "FileUploadHandler.ashx.cs" does not exist as I ported it to VB, so the file is now, FileUploadHandler.ashx.vb.
I searched through the codes and could not find a reference to the FileUploadHandler.ashx.cs file until I viewed the "jFileUploadASP.pdb"
Within the lines, I found the following.


It seems VS wants to only work with this file, and when I delete the file from my folder, Google Chrome gives me a 500 error stating it cannot find the "FileUploadHandler.ashx ".

My question is this.
How can I create another debug file, ".pdb"?
How can I properly create my own "jFileUploadASP. dll"?
I am at a complete loss when it comes to dealing with issues with DLL files.
So any help/information you can provide for me will significantly help.

Thank you.

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David Johnson, CD
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if you do a full rebuild with debugging it will generate new PDB files..
Note: a pdb file does not contain any executed code
The . pdb file holds debugging and project state information that allows incremental linking of a Debug configuration of your app. The Visual Studio debugger uses . pdb files to determine two key pieces of information while debugging: The source file name and line number to display in the Visual Studio IDE
It only is a reference table that allows you to when debugging the msil/compiled code to know where in the source code something is.
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Thanks, David.
When the old .pdb file was in the Bin folder,
Below is a screenshot is taken from the project running with the error.
The only way to get away from the error of not finding the file is to delete the .pdb file.
Now, when I delete it, it gives an error stating it cannot find the FileUploadHandler.ashx
did you try a full rebuild?
From the [Build] menu, I tried everything in that area.
And still, nothing works.
try making a new solution and add the code files from the existing solution  and build the solution and see if it works or fails somewhere
I'm guessing one of the designer files might have the bad code.. 
Here is a demo project, exactly as I have it if you would like to take a look at it.
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form id="fileupload"
Well heck.
It seems it was a folder issue.

Dim path As String = context.Server.MapPath("~/Content/uploads/")

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This folder was not created in my directory.
Complete oversite.

So, Andy was right.
Sorry for wasting everyone's time on this one, as this should NOT have been an issue.