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Disabling iPad ringing when someone calls an iPhone in the same account.

My wife has an iPhone, which is registered via my Apple account.  The problem with this is that when she doesn't immediately answer the phone all the iPads in our house (all 4) start making noise.

Is there no some way to disable this happening.  We will never answer a phone call from an iPad.


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Gene Klamerus

8/22/2022 - Mon
Jackie Man

You could disable stop the calls from going to both devices by turn the settings below to off:

On your iPhone

        Settings ➡ Phone ➡ Calls on Other Devices, turn off Allow Calls on Other Devices

On your iPad

        Settings ➡ FaceTime, turn off Calls from iPhone

Gene Klamerus

Would my wife still be able to do Facetime with our family on the iPhone and the iPad?
Jackie Man

You need to double check on your setup for Facetime for your iPhone and iPads to check whether you have set a different email address in your iPad from the email address in your iPhone.

Goto Settings - > Facetime for each iDevices and make sure all of them are using an unique email address each.

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William Peck
Gene Klamerus

Gene Klamerus

Sounds like the answer is no then.

Another thing where Apple in their infinite wisdom knows how people want their devices to behave better than the individuals.  Sas but there's no need to merge telephony with videoconferencing or at least it sgould be a user choice.
Jackie Man

Why you say the answer is NO?

It is your choice.

You can choose to do Facetime using email address instead of a telephone number.

Just make sure you have added additional email addresses in your Apple ID and each email address is assigned to one iDevice manually.

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Gene Klamerus

My point is that we have a single account for all these devices which allows us to get to all the same music, apps, subs, etc.

We're not going to create new accounts (and new email addresses) for each device.  You said we needed to have different email addresses for each device.
Jackie Man

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Gene Klamerus

I think the key was disassociating the iPad with the phone numbers.