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Urgent: switching to Macbook to take CISA exam & PSI browser asks for Exam Code

Sorry this is urgent as my Win10 laptop BSoD'ed 6 times

after I login : have tried power cycling it 5 times.

I borrowed my kid's Macbook Pro for CISA exam &

installed the PSI Secure Browser in advance (tho

Isaca said to do it 30 mins before that): Just wanted

to test it out early.   My scheduled exam is in about

3hrs + time.

After launching PSI secure browser, it asks for

"Exam Code:  ...  Validate"   but the Isaca email

tt I received did not give any exam code.


Where can I get it?


Can I still use this pre-installed PSI browser or

it's better I login to Isaca (using Chrome or Apple

Safari?)  & take from there?

Seems like I can't reschedule last minute if

my PC goes wrong.

Now after powering off the Win10 for ten

mins, it doesn't BSoD again ... wonder if I

should switch back to Win10 as I'm not

familiar with Macbook

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Also, at the Isaca login page (prior to login), there's
this  "Testing Event Invitation Code: " :
we ignore this or it needs the exam code?
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Congrats on passing (: