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MS SQL to detect number values plus decimals. Whole numbers and numbers with decimals only.

Need help with MS SQL statement that will check for numbers values including decimals.  Will isnumeric work for this purpose?  



100.99        Good 

$2.0             Bad 

1                  Good 

500             Good 

ABC             Bad 

000.4000      Good 

10.999999    Good

6.                    Good

-400               Bad

3/4                  Bad 

1.56 ABC       Bad 

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Same again, store NUMERIC() values,

For your question, there is a common accepted modus operandi: It's called testing. But you should look instead of ISNUMERIC() into TRY_PARSE() and TRY_CAST().

And about your sample data: Why is ABC 'bad'`? It is a valid hexadecimal value.
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